American Irish Historical Society    

National headquarters
991 Fifth Avenue
New York, New York

California branch
1114 State Street, Suite 250
Santa Barbara, California  93101

The American Irish Historical Society was founded in Boston in 1897, free of any political or religious affiliation, with the aim of making the Irish chapter of American history better known. Signatories included Theodore Roosevelt, Admiral Richard Meade, and sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens.
AIHS headquarters building, New York
American Irish national headquarters, 991 Fifth Avenue, New York City
National headquarters
Since 1940, the Society has had its home in a five-story townhouse facing the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. This landmark building, pictured at right, houses one of the largest libraries of American-Irish material in the nation and welcomes members to weekly lectures, poetry readings, and concerts.
The building has recently reopened following a two-year renovation. There will be a series of cultural and scholarly events in 2008. The library and archives are also scheduled to reopen to members and scholars in 2008.
California branch
The California branch of the Society, under the
Irish Consul General Conmy and Mrs. Conmy with AIHS California president and directors -- Click to enlarge picture
Irish Consul General Conmy with AIHS board members (click picture to enlarge)
direction of President Frank McGinity, boasts a healthy membership and sponsors notable cultural events of international interest.
Pictured at left, AIHS board members welcomed Irish Consul General Kevin Conmy and Mrs. Conmy to the Society library located in Santa Barbara (click picture to enlarge).
If you are interested in Irish history and future performances that highlight Irish traditions and cultures, you are invited to join the California branch of the American Irish Historical Society. For membership information, see the Join Web page.